Both areas may include economic (costing and pricing), architectural (format, furnishings, layout), qualitative (choosing suppliers and products) and organisational (workflows and processes) elements.

In terms of delivering his consultancy services, Marco Sacco offers the following:

  • Occasional, focused intervention to meet specific needs:
    • Menu planning
    • Staff training
    • Defining work processes
    • Upgrades to new preparation/preservation techniques, or to new equipment
    • Training and collaboration with resident chefs to help create their first recipe book


  • Long-term intervention, designed to review the customer structure or to consolidate a competitive advantage
    • Raising the restaurant’s quality and profile
    • Periodic monitoring to control costing and pricing
    • Planning, training and mentoring in the steps needed to feature in the Michelin Guide

See the case study: Isola per Gaia Group