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“I like to have fun and entertaining is part of my job:
it’s how I express myself, the restaurant is a way for me and my guests to share and take part in each other’s experience.
It’s like a performance where I arrange the score;
a spectacle of sights, sounds, smells and flavours.”

Marco Sacco



Marco Sacco has a history of successful projects.
Born into the business, he inherited a passion for cuisine from his father, Gastone. Over the past two decades, Marco Sacco and his family—his wife Lella as well as his children, Jessica and Simone—along with a small team of close collaborators have transformed the cuisine of his Piccolo Lago, projecting it toward the pinnacle of European gastronomy.
In 2004 this suspended corner of the world overlooking the mirror-like surface of crystal-clear water, Lake Mergozzo, acquired its first Michelin star. In 2007, thanks to scrupulous research and continual evolution, the second star was awarded.
Marco Sacco is a “gold prospector”—he’s a tireless traveler, a man for whom food is the key to understanding, knowing and loving the world and life itself.


“I grew up in my parents’ restaurant. A passion for cuisine exploded in me when I was 9 and my father had me stand on a water crate, where I saw inside the pots and pans and smelled the aromas—once I got a glimpse of this magical world I never left it. Over the years my natural passion, became curiosity, interest and then knowledge. So I started traveling, learning from the masters, from the territory and from the new flavors I found along the way throughout the world. Back home, the transformation was complete and my dishes were born.”



“Spring, restaurant reopened. My wife and I stroll around the lake, which becomes inspiration for the new ‘Lungolago’ menu. Natural emotions transformed into unique dishes.”
Marco Sacco