“I like to have fun and entertaining is part of my job:
it’s how I express myself, the restaurant is a way for me and my guests to share and take part in each other’s experience.
It’s like a performance where I arrange the score;
a spectacle of sights, sounds, smells and flavours.”

Marco Sacco



Marco Sacco’s story is one of an ambition fulfilled. Born into the culinary trade, the talented chef, with his family and a small team of trusted partners, has transformed the kitchen of Piccolo Lago over the last 20 years into one of Europe’s finest.
In 2004, this unique restaurant, suspended between the sky and the clear waters of Lake Mergozzo, was awarded its first Michelin star.
Hard work and constant evolution was rewarded with a second Michelin star in 2007. Marco Sacco is a treasure hunter, a tireless explorer, and a man who regards food as the key to understanding and loving life and the world around us.


Cuisine and

I grew up in my parents’ restaurant. When I was 9 years old, my father sat me on a case of water to watch over the pots and that was the moment I fell in love with food. I could smell all the wonderful aromas and I entered into a magical world, one I’ve never been able to leave since.
This almost innate passion evolved into curiosity, keen interest and finally expertise.
I started travelling and learned my art from masters, from the land and from all the different flavours I tasted around the world. When I returned home my apprenticeship was complete and my cuisine was born.


Marco's projects

Marco Sacco is not just a chef; his constant curiosity and hunger for knowledge feeds an entrepreneurial drive to discover ‘new worlds’.




Marco shares his invaluable experience through consulting services in various areas: artistic direction, restaurant and kitchen design, product testing, technical advice and much more.

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