“Recapturing the past, shaping it in the present,
handing it over to the future.”

Il Piccolino bistrot and cocktail bar, in the garden,
will open on May 3rd.
Based on current ministerial provisions,
Piccolo Lago will reopen on June 1st

A unique place:

the restaurant
A mere stone’s throw from Verbania, Marco Sacco’s kitchen is the star of this magical place of lakes and mountains.
Perched on stilts over the water, the building’s design gives guests a feeling of floating on Lake Mergozzo with breathtaking views of the mountains as a backdrop.
Age-old cooking traditions using water, fire, lakes, hearths, pots and stoves are still the primary elements of the restaurant’s cuisine and charm, creating a timeless and unforgettable experience.



The chef

Marco Sacco
Marco is a traveller, an explorer, an inventor, a two-Michelin-starred chef, and the heart and soul of Piccolo Lago. He will take you on a culinary journey that starts from his restaurant and goes around the world via the Far East, before returning home to the shores of Lake Mergozzo.
His cuisine, such as his famous eel dish, reflects this journey.



What's cooking?