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“Recapturing the past, shaping it in the present,
handing it over to the future.”

A unique place:

the restaurant
What sets apart a work of art from a simple painting?
It is unique and has that “certain something” that defies description.
Not all paintings are works of art because not everything knows how to distinguish itself and be memorable. The same can be said for meals or gastronomic experiences. Piccolo Lago knows this, and eating here is an experience you won’t forget. It’s not just the two Michelin stars: it’s a successful combination of elements. Remember that what reaches your heart stands out: it can be timeless, both current and yet futuristic.

This is Piccolo Lago’s philosophy: the cuisine is research, innovation, meticulous study of ingredients and combinations, experimentation, fusion. It’s the ability to make the best use of nature’s palette to create a work of art.


il Piccolino
“Piccolino” by name, but not by fact: this affectionate term takes up the heart of where everything starts—Piccolo Lago—and reveals its role as an ideal restaurant where you can enjoy unforgettable events surrounded by the greenery directly overlooking the lake. Impeccable logistics and a breathtaking panorama are our strong points.



Rediscover the pleasure of slowing down time, treating yourself to relaxing moments for two or for the family, make a place just for you to be pampered on the water with the delicacies of a “gourmet-style picnic” signed Piccolo Lago. It’s an experience worth living.



The chef

Marco Sacco
Marco is a traveller, an explorer, an inventor, a two-Michelin-starred chef, and the heart and soul of Piccolo Lago. He will take you on a culinary journey that starts from his restaurant and goes around the world via the Far East, before returning home to the shores of Lake Mergozzo.
His cuisine, such as his famous eel dish, reflects this journey.



What's cooking?