Welcome to

our dining room
Come in and look around. You will first be struck by the lake and reflections filling the room. The cool water light blends with a warm orange glow from the wood fire in the middle of the room and the hot stoves in the kitchen.

Then turn to watch the Chef and his team at work through the glass walls. The old furniture is engraved on the glass, while Foscarini lighting creates an ambiance that recalls the original interior. History is imbued throughout; the new merely traces over what came before.

The heritage of Piccolo Lago is always cherished and an intrinsic part of the restaurant’s magic.


Take a seat on

the veranda
Walk out onto the veranda and take in the panorama of natural beauty: an intoxicating view of the lake and mountains all around.
Rather than just looking at the scenery, you will feel a part of it, at one with nature.
The experience has only just begun. It will continue under the guidance of Chef Marco Sacco and his talented staff, supervised by Raffaella Marchetti: an entrepreneur, a true hostess and a remarkable woman.