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The Chefs’ Table
Go “into the kitchen with the Chefs.”
For anyone who is passionate about or expert in gastronomic culture and is looking for a unique experience.

It’s a gift to give oneself or others.

It’s unique because there’s only one table: go “on board” the kitchen thanks to a window for interacting one-on-one with the brigade while getting a glimpse of where creativity takes shape.

It’s unique because you can witness the behind-the-scenes activities that are usually not seen. You can participate, becoming co-protagonist of the experience. There’s only one table, for up to four people, directly overlooking the kitchen: an open curtain to see hands at work in a performance worthy of the theater.
The Chef’s table is the gastronomy of tomorrow, research and development. It’s only one, available to the palates of the most curious or those looking for an incomparable experience.

Main Dining Room
On stilts, surrounded by water.

Imagine sitting in a glass veranda, a house resting on stilts—a symbol of the most primitive form of architecture—which allows a special view, cantilevered over an intimate lake, Mergozzo, which can only be navigated with full respect for nature, without motors.

Peace for the senses. The nearby Ossola mountains change appearance with the seasons like a painting: vibrant reds and yellows in the fall, snow and fog in the winter, green with bouquets of flowers in the spring, intense blue in the spring. Witness the spectacle behind glass.

Piccolo Lago is Lake Mergozzo, represented in the restaurant’s logo with an “o” that becomes the blue embrace of the water.


the veranda
The veranda of Piccolo Lago is a special place for observing the surrounding nature. The light changes with the seasons or time of day: lunch, sunset or dinner. In the middle there’s a fireplace to create a welcoming atmosphere. It’s like entering the atmosphere in a book.

From the lighting designed by Foscarini and Persian carpets that make the setting inviting, a glance through the glass shows the brigade at work in the kitchen. Or where you can reserve the exclusive Chefs’ table.

Entering Piccolo is like stepping into magic, a magic that has lasted half a century: the upcoming months will take us to our 50th in 2024.




Pursuing innovation requires even the spaces to be customized: a roomy kitchen with avantgarde equipment designed for continual experimentation. The layout allows research of single dishes, to which the chef adds his inspiration. The complete overhaul of the kitchen in 2008 combined the restaurant’s tradition with the most modern technological elements.

Those who enter find themselves at the center of a performance: the light reflects off the steel, creating an evocative effect.

Wine Cellar

We have dedicated our wine cellar to women, men and worthy farmers, whose hard work and knowledge allow the infinite stories of wine to continue to be narrated.