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Chef Table

The “Lungolago” walk passes through the kitchen, and the chef’s table is ready to take you on an experience in another dimension, where everything is created. You will see the dishes taking shape, even before tasting them, and finally, accompanied by the chefs’ stories, the long-awaited moment arrives. Sight, smell, taste all in the dish, with the background sound of the brigade’s voices and the clatter of pots. And who knows… perhaps these unpredictable artists have some surprises in store for you…


A Stroll Around the Lake
It was born on a spring day. With the reopening of the restaurant sorted out, my wife Lella and I took a couple of hours for a walk around the lake. A fishing boat accompanied us at a distance, while on the green lawn, there were ducks and “honking” geese of Mergozzo. Further along, in the reeds, there was a nest with eggs. Along the way, bamboo, frogs, fig and carob trees, bushes of blackberries and wild raspberries, wild herbs, and snails.A dart in the lake, probably a big carp, which inhabits it along with trouts, whitefish, and perches. In the background, the noise of the train connecting this enchanted place with the rest of the world. Amidst scents and views, among chestnut trees and granite rocks, I said to my wife: “Now I’m going to the kitchen, and these emotions will become a menu, Lungolago.” And to you, I say to enjoy it with this spirit and to come back to retrace our steps around the lake and discover what else may appear on our Lungolago menu. Which now enriches itself with an anniversary: in 2024 we celebrate the 50th.
Marco Sacco


à la carte

After 20 years, the menu returns to Piccolo Lago: the possibility to choose the path you prefer, combining the perfect experience of 13 dishes divided into antipasti, first courses, second courses and desserts. It’s a return to the restaurant’s most classical concept, but with stars. It’s an invitation to come back again and again to experience different, exciting paths each time.

It’s a way to custom fit the experience the way you would a tailored suit.

The timing is flexible and proportioned to the choice of the gastronomic path, ever more personalized.

It’s the ideal formula for anyone who loves to change, pair or revolutionize conventions, anyone who delights in choosing.