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Chef Table

The apex of a gourmet adventure.
Go “into the kitchen with the Chefs.”
For anyone who is passionate about or expert in gastronomic culture and is looking for a unique experience.
It’s a gift to give oneself or others.
It’s unique because there’s only one table: go “on board” the kitchen thanks to a window for interacting one-on-one with the brigade while getting a glimpse of where creativity takes shape.

It’s unique because you can witness the behind-the-scenes activities that are usually not seen. You can participate, becoming co-protagonist of the experience. There’s only one table, for up to four people, directly overlooking the kitchen: an open curtain to see hands at work in a performance worthy of the theater.
The Chef’s table is the gastronomy of tomorrow, research and development. It’s only one, available to the palates of the most curious or those looking for an incomparable experience.

a little spiral

…with Piccolo Lago at the center, it embraces the rest of the world in a fusion of local flavors and other cultures.

Seven “gems” selected from among iconic dishes to be experienced in an itinerary born for you to entrust and abandon yourself to flavor and research.
It’s a metaphor of study and passion that leads to the creative phase of a dish.

These are 7 “symbols” extrapolated from the menu to give you a complete representation of the chef’s flair.
You sit down and live the experience.
You entrust yourself to it.


à la carte

After 20 years, the menu returns to Piccolo Lago: the possibility to choose the path you prefer, combining the perfect experience of 16 dishes divided into antipasti, first courses, second courses and desserts. It’s a return to the restaurant’s most classical concept, but with stars. It’s an invitation to come back again and again to experience different, exciting paths each time.

It’s a way to custom fit the experience the way you would a tailored suit.

The timing is flexible and proportioned to the choice of the gastronomic path, ever more personalized.

It’s the ideal formula for anyone who loves to change, pair or revolutionize conventions, anyone who delights in choosing.