Table Booking

    Start Up

    New business launch
    As a consultant for starting a new business in the restaurant industry, Marco Sacco provides 360° guidance to get your business off the ground:

    • defining work area, choosing equipment and machinery
    • choosing suppliers
    • collaboration with architects
    • choosing and training staff
    • planning and on-site help in the start-up phase
    • guidelines for drawing up menus
    • guidance during launch and initial supervision

    See case study: Castello di Parella ( pdf )


    Already in business

    Marco Sacco provides a variety of consultancy services for businesses already up and running. These services fall under two main areas:

    • Managerial – analysis of the existing business process (as-is) and planning for the one strived for (to-be) in order to improve business performance
    • Strategic – analysis of the business model in order to verify, or redefine, the organisational solutions adopted and how they align with the business’ strategic direction, or with the one drafted in consultation with the customer




    Product Testing
    Product testing from the technical and operational standpoint of a professional two-Michelin-starred kitchen.
    Case studies:

    • CUKI ( (aluminium, parchment paper, trays): tests to evaluate strength, gradation, ease of tearing. See case study
    • Piazza: stainless steel cookware
    • Crafond: large cast iron pots