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The Project

Marco’s focus on innovation required a custom-designed and suitable space: a large kitchen with the latest equipment and designed to allow for constant experimentation. It needed to be organised to facilitate research on individual dishes, while not restricting the Chef’s creativity and workflow. The project was a total overhaul of the kitchen, staying faithful to the restaurant’s roots by evoking a traditional ambiance, and incorporating cutting-edge technology and methods… all in 60 days!



Everything starts from where the raw ingredients and products arrive.
The first stage involves quality control and storing the raw ingredients in containers, in cold storage and in the pantry, all located in the laboratory on the ground floor.
Then the day and rest of the week is meticulously planned.
The team begins to process the recipe components; individual ingredients become semi-finished and are then transferred upstairs to be assembled and transformed into the final dishes.
The experimentation, research, and testing of recipes and dishes takes place in the laboratory with the latest technology and equipment.