Table Booking


    Marco Sacco

    A format for corporate events, also available outside, where team-building activities are paired with creative catering.
    The catering can become part of the activities. Participants can help prepare dishes under the guidance of Chef Marco Sacco, thereby experiencing a day in the life of a top chef.

    Marco Sacco

    On Tour
    A ‘guest appearance’ service, like his tours in Asia, where restaurants organise gala evenings for guests to enjoy a meal created by a two-Michelin-starred chef, including marketing support from Marco to promote the event.
    A ‘gourmet week’ can be organised, which includes:
    – 2 gala dinners
    – Staff training
    – A basic menu for weekdays and a special menu for the gala dinners
    – Recipes signed by Marco Sacco can be printed on the menus


    Coming Soon