Marco Sacco's

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Curious...But just a little

5 dishes from our history
Appetite is not just about satisfying your stomach, but also your mind and curiosity. You will go on a journey of discovery, but how long and how much is up to you. Curious…but just a little? 5 dishes.

€115 per person – on request 3 drink pairings € 50

Un Sacco innovativo:

10 dishes forward…
Change course and tack towards the his new proposals, always 10, entering in the heart of innovation and the originality of his gastronomic research.

€150 per person – on request 5 drink pairings € 70

…or 10 dishes backfoward:

taste our History
Ten creations that represent the story of Marco Sacco and his restaurant. One journey, which began a long time ago, took many routes and finished on the banks of Piccolo Lago.

€150 per person – on request 5 drink pairings € 70

In the kitchen

with the chefs
“In the kitchen with the chefs” is the most daring and electrifying path to live directly in the engine room of the restaurant. No limit of dishes, no program, only the departure time is fix. And then go with the adventure. Here the kitchen turns into the theatre and the guest becomes the protagonist of a show where everything can happen.
As Marco says, ‘You will very quickly forget the rest of the restaurant and probably everything else in your life’.
The experience “In the kitchen with the chefs” is an ad hoc path created by Chef Sacco that will not be subject to variations, except in cases of serious allergies communicated by our guests in advance.
The menu has to be booked at least 24 hours before.
€220 per person