Table Booking



    • Banqueting selection: suggestions for different groups of people with varied food tastes.
    • Stars selection: suggestions for foodies and those who want to indulge in the Chef’s Michelin-starred creations.

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    Cooking classes

    Cooking classes are an excellent way for colleagues to spend several hours away from the office as part of a team building activity:

    • Cooking class: cooking classes in our garden. Theatre chairs and a station for the class teacher are provided. The classes cover a wide range of themes: from traditional Piedmontese cuisine to Marco Sacco’s most inventive dishes. A focus on particular techniques or products is available on request.
    • Gnocchi Day: for groups who want to get their hands dirty. Guests are organised into rectangular wooden tables seating 6-8; each person is given everything they need to make gnocchi (ingredients, knife and fork).

    Note: Each team building event is subject to confirmation of lunch or dinner