The kitchen was expanded and split up, structured and divided according to production areas and type of products created: the ‘technical kitchen’ was set up on the lower floor, while the upper floor became home to the ‘main kitchen’. The kitchen is aware of what it needs to be and how a kitchen should work, but was redesigned and reconstructed to accommodate a new way of cooking that prioritises the preparation of individual ingredients, rather than finished dishes. While still very much a kitchen, it is not completely detached from the dining room. The staff still put on a fascinating show, but it never devolves into theatrics and exhibitionism. The kitchen is open for those who want to watch, but never infringes on the privacy and intimacy of each table.

The design of the old furniture first used by the restaurant has been incorporated into the glass as decoration. The establishment’s history has been etched into the very walls, a symbolic and emotional bond to the old kitchen.